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XJS 1975-1996 - Gearbox - Driveline
Jaguar Gear Selector Interlock Solenoid
Jaguar Gear Selector Interlock Solenoid

Good used item.

To fit:
Facelift XJS
XJ8 (X308)


Jaguar Half Shaft Inner Oil Seal Track
Jaguar Half Shaft Inner Oil Seal Track

Good used item

Inner track fitted to drive shaft on all IRS cars, E Type, S Type/420, Mk10/420G, XJ6/12 Series 1, 2 and 3, XJS (inboard disc)


Jaguar Differential Output Bearing
Jaguar Final Drive Output Bearing.

For the later Salisbury Final Drive unit with twin bearings and collapsible spacer on the output shaft.

Fitted to:
*Late Series 2 XJ6 XJ12
*Series 3 XJ6/XJ12


Jaguar Automatic Transmision Gear Selector Shaft Seal
Jaguar XK8 Gear Selector Shaft Seal

To fit Automatic Gearbox:
*XJ8 (X308)
*XJ6 (X300)
*XJS 3.6 and 4.0
*XJ6 XJ40


Jaguar Differential Output Seal
Jaguar Differential Output O Ring Seal

To Fit
*Late Series 2 XJ6 and XJ12
*Series 3 XJ6 and XJ12
*XJS (not Dana)


Jaguar Rear Hub Water Thrower
Jaguar Rear Hub Water Thrower

To Fit:
*XJ6/12 Series 1, 2 and 3


Jaguar Drivershaft UJ. Jaguar Halfshaft UJ
Jaguar Halfshaft Universal Joint

To fit:
*XJ6/XJ12 (XJ40)
*XJ6/XJ12 (X300)
*XJ8 (X308)
*XK8 (to 2006)
*XJS (outboard brakes)


Jaguar XJS Kickdown Switch
Jaguar XJS Kickdown Switch

To fit Facelift models up to VIN ending 188104


Jaguar XJS Gearbox Mount Rubbers. XJS Gearbox Mount Repair
Jaguar XJS Gearbox Mount Rubbers.

Set of three rubbers to repair XJS Gearbox Mounting

To fit 6 cylinder models from VIN ending 139052 onwards.


Jaguar XJS Speedometer Drive Gear
Jaguar XJS and XJ12 Speedometer Drive Gear

Brown 39 Tooth Gear

For models with GM400 Gearbox and mechanical Speedometer.



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