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XJ6/12 Series 2 1973-1979 - Brakes
Jaguar XJ6 Handbrake Cable. XJ12 Handbrake Cable.
Jaguar XJ6/12 XJ Coupe Handbrake Cable

To fit SWB models:
*Series 1 XJ6 and XJ12
*Series 2 XJ6 and XJC Up To Chassis 2T22972, 2T68823, 2S10116, 2S50581, 3C1698, 3C50091, 3A5115, 3A51460, 3B3226, 3B50004
*Series 2 XJ12

Not USA/Canada/Japan


Jaguar XJ6 Rear Brake Hose. XJ12 Rear Brake Hose
Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 Rear Brake Flexi Hose.

Series 1 XJ6/12 and Early Series 2 XJ6/12 (imperial)


Jaguar Rear Brake Pad Retaining Pin Kit
Jaguar Rear Brake Pad Retaining Pin Kit

*Series 2 and 3 E Type
*Series 1, 2 & 3 XJ6/XJ12
*XJS (Inboard Disc)


Jaguar XJ6 Brake Master Cylinder, XJ12 Brake Master Cylinder
LHD Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 Brake Master Cylinder.

Reconditioned unit, Stainless Steal Lined Bore.

To Fit Left Hand Drive XJ Series 1 and Early Series 2

This is an exchange item so is subject to a surcharge of £100.00 per item, Which will be applied at the checkout. For more information click here


Jaguar XJ12 Brake Servo. Jaguar XJ6 Brake Booster
Jaguar XJ12 Brake Booster Servo. XJ6 Brake Servo

Repro part to fit:
*Series 2 XJ6 (from Chassis 2U 50002, 2N 3480, 2N 51655, 2T 1526, 2T 50002, 2M 1659, 2M 50016, 2S 1089, 2S 50002 Onwards)

*Series 2 XJ12 (from chassis 2R 1477, 2R 50210, 2K 1078, 2K 50005, 2P 1151, 2P 50001 onwards)

*Series 3 XJ6 and XJ12


Jaguar Brake Fluid Reservoir Bottle Only
Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 XJS Brake Reservoir Bottle Only

To Fit:
*Late Series 1 XJ6/XJ12
*Series 2 XJ6/XJ12 (not late type with Reservoir attached to top of Brake Master)
*XJS (Pre ABS and Pre Facelift)


Jaguar Brake Fluid Reservoir Filter
Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 XJS Brake Fluid Reservoir Filter

To Fit:
*Late Series 1 XJ6/XJ12
*Series 2 XJ6/XJ12 (not late type with Reservoir attached to top of Brake Master)
*XJS (Pre ABS and Pre Facelift)


Jaguar E Type Brake Vacuum Check Valve. Vacuum One Way Valve
Brake Vacuum One Way Valve.

Series 3 E Type
XJ6 Series 1, 2 and 3


Jaguar Front Brake Hose
Front Brake Flexi Hose

To Fit
* E Type Front Brake Hose
*XJ6/XJ12 Series 1 and 2 (3 piston Caliper)
*Mk7, 8 and 9 LEFT Hand Front


Jaguar XJS Front Brake Piston. Jaguar XJ Front Brake Piston
Front Brake Caliper Piston to fit 4 Pot Front Calipers on XJS and series 2 and 3 XJ6/12 Saloon's



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