We supply a vast array of replacement parts for most types of Jaguar cars from the 1950's to present day, delivery can be arranged to most parts of the world with secure payment option.

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XJ6/12 Series 2 1973-1979 - Cooling
Jaguar XJ12 Bi Pass Pipe. Jaguar V12 Bi Pass Pipe
Jaguar XJ12 BiPass Pipe.

To Fit:
*Series 2 XJ12 From Engine Number 7P25001 onwards
*Series 3 XJ12 Up To Engine Number 7P45000


Jaguar V12 Water Pump Pulley
Jaguar XJ12 / XJS Water Pump Pulley

To fit V12 XJS and XJ12


Jaguar Heater Water Adaptor Pipe
Jaguar Heater Water Adaptor Pipe and Washer


Jaguar XJS Radiator Fan Switch. XJ12 Radiator Fan Switch
Jaguar V12 Radiator Fan Switch.

To Fit:
*XJ12 Series 1
*XJ12 Series 2
*XJS (Pre HE) up to VIN Ending 101854


Jaguar XJ Heater Valve
Jaguar XJS Heater Valve. XJ6 Heater Valve. XJ12 Heater Valve.

To fit Series 2 and 3 XJ6/XJ12 Models and XJS Models


Jaguar Radiator Cap. XJ6 Water Filler Cap
Jaguar Radiator Cap. XJ6 Water Filler Cap. E Type Water Filler Cap.

Non Pressure cap


Jaguar XJ12 Water Pump. XJS Water Pump
Jaguar XJ12 and XJS V12 Water Pump.

Fully reconditioned item, supplied with gaskets.

To Fit:
*Series 2 XJ12 from Engine 7P39395
*Series 3 XJ12
*XJS V12 Pre HE from Engine Number 8S13094 onwards
*XJS V12 6.0Ltr

This is an exchange item so is subject to a surcharge of £50.00 per item, Which will be applied at the checkout. For more information click here


Jaguar V12 Water Rail Seal
Jaguar V12 Water Rail Seal

To Fit
*XJ12 Series 2 (injection models) and Series 3
*XJS V12
*XJ12 (XJ40)
*XJ12 (X300)


Jaguar XJ12 Coolant By Pass Pipe. Jaguar V12 Balance Pipe
Jaguar XJ12 Coolant By Pass Pipe or Coolant Crossover Pipe.

English manufactured repro to original dimensions from aluminium.

Fitted to
XJ12 Series 1
XJ12 Series 2 upto engine number 7P25000


Jaguar Viscous Coupling. Fan Coupling
Jaguar Viscous Coupling. Fan Coupling

*XJ12 Series 1
*XJ12 Series 2 upto Engine 7P28177 (7P25000 CDN/Japan/USA)
*XJ12 Series 3 from Engine 7P42300 onwards
*XJS from VIN 104146
*XJ6 Series 1
*XJ6 Series 2 Upto Engine 7G25037 2.8ltr 7L88914 4.2ltr non A/C 7L85098 4.2ltr A/C
*XJ6 Series 3 From VIN 330299 4.2ltr non A/C 330666 4.2ltr A/C 329484 3.4ltr
*XJ6 (XJ40)



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