We supply a vast array of replacement parts for most types of Jaguar cars from the 1950's to present day, delivery can be arranged to most parts of the world with secure payment option.

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E Type Series 2 1969-1971 - Accessories
Jaguar Writing Set. Jaguar Statonary Set. Jaguar Gift.
Great Gift for Jaguar Enthusiast

Jaguar Stationary Gift Set.

Supplied in a nicely printed pouch with gift card. Depicting a Jaguar C Type pit stop at the 1953 Le Mans Race.

*25 sheets of A5 paper, headed with the C Type print
*25 Envelopes
*25 seals
*Jaguar notebook
Gift pouch approx. 255mm x 175mm


Torpedo Style Racing Mirror. Wing Mirror
Torpedo Style Racing Mirror. Wing Mirror


Jaguar E-Type Parts Catalogue Series 2
Jaguar E-Type Parts Catalogue Series 2

Re Print of the original Factory Parts book, Very useful for part numbers and good guide to what parts go were or if anything missing if you have a jigsaw restoration on your hands.


Jaguar D-Type HT Lead Spacer Block
Jaguar D-Type HT Lead Spacer Block

Repro of the original HT Lead Spacer Block used on the Jaguar Racing cars.

Made from a fibre material similar to the original Jaguar Factory Team Cars which was made from 'Red Fibre' so designed to help supposed induced cross interference which you could get with a metal spacer block.

Can be fitted to most Jaguar XK Engines as fitted to XK120/140/150, E-Types, Mk2's etc.... tidy's up the HT leads nicely.

Drilled to fit the standard 6mm leads the holes can of course be opened up to fit larger high performance leads. Supplied as photos with the mounting brackets.


Thor Copper Hide Hammer
Thor Copper Hide Hammer


Jaguar Spinner Saver. Spinner Removal Tool
Woodern Spinner Removal Tool
Bash the wood not your nice chrome spinner when changing your wire wheels.


Jaguar Wire Wheel Cleaning Brush
Wire Wheel Cleaning Brush


Jaguar Cufflinks
Pair of high quality Jaguar Cufflinks. Supplied in a nice gift box


Jaguar XK Engine Timing Chain Tensioner and Cam Setting Plate
Jaguar JD2B Camshaft Chain Tensioner Tool and C3993 Camshaft Setting Plate

For use with Jaguar straight six "XK" engines, XJ6, Mk10, S-Type/420, Mk1, Mk2, Mk7, 8 and 9, XK120, XK140 and XK150, E Type etc.. etc...


Jaguar Tuning and Preparation of E Type Cars for Competition Use
Jaguar's "Tuning and Preparation of E Type Cars for Competition Use"

New re-print of the original 1970's booklet.

Quote "This booklet is intended as a guide for owners of Jaguar E Type models who, in addition to normal road use, may wish to use their cars on occasions for racing, it being understood that this model has not been designed as a competition car. The information provided covers essential items which should receive attention prior to participation in competition work and also gives details of a number of minor modifications which will result in improved performance without making the car unsuitable for road use, although naturally some slight sacrifices must be expected in this direction. The contents are not intended to be comprehensive but will serve as a guide for intending competitors"



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